Our Idea:

When baby made his grand entrance, mother and grandmother were instantly smitten.  But eventually, after months of sleepless nights and living in yoga pants, it was time for re-entry into the world...which, for this restaurant and travel-loving mother-and-daughter team, meant taking the somewhat intimidating step of dining out.  While the initial outings with baby were not always successful, the team was determined to continue to enjoy their meal and Neatnik Saucer was born.

Neatnik Saucer took off and the team found that there was a need for other products to help families with children enjoy life in a stylish, tidy fashion. 

At Neatnik®, we strive to create smart stylish products that help to simplify your life with a family. All products are portable and neat. Life doesn’t have to be a circus! Go ahead, brave a restaurant with your baby or confidently protect your nice rug during snack time — you’ve got “Neatnik® Style” and we’ve got your back!